the making

At Displine, we are passionate about every step of value chain creation; therefore, we conduct a significant amount of our operations by ourselves. Our design, manufacturing technology development, production and assembly all take place under one roof. Thanks to that, we assure high-quality products and offer creative and exceptional design.



Everything that we do is aimed at satisfying our clients. We continually listen, consult, adjust and rethink our practices in order to deliver a unique product that satisfies a specific need. We always try to get to know our clients in person to understand them and to provide them with the best solution. Thus, we truly develop the products together.


In designing our products, we offer high-grade adjustments with respect to functionality, surface type and colour. Our constructors model and document the products in Solid Works and then evaluate their virtual look using the Blender software. Even in this phase, design engineers work together with CNC process engineers to assure production efficiency, surface quality and sound economics in developing the production technology.


Our distinctive feature is the prototyping station, which we established for the rapid development of new products. Based on the developed design, we first create the prototype on a 3D printer and then produce the first trial batch. We share both outcomes with all stakeholders in order to make improvements in the early development phase.


We rely on 30 years of experience and excellence in high precision CNC machining from our mother company RADMOT. Serving demanding clients from technologically-challenging industries such as aerospace and automotive and medical devices enabled RADMOT to develop a competitive edge in aluminium machining. This excellence is reflected in our products.


Every detail is important to us, hence the reason we conduct the sourcing ourselves. We select the best quality high-grade German aluminium and secure the perfectly anodized surfaces from environmentally friendly anodizing plants in England and France. The packaging, produced from recycled paper based on our design, is provided by a Polish start-up company. All our partners care deeply about sustainability, which is why we have chosen them.