CNC Milling: Precision in Manufacturing

CNC-Fräsen von Aluminium: Wie unsere präzise gefertigte Produkte entstehen.

CNC milling allows you to produce components from aluminum and many other materials. It provides maximum precision for all kinds of shapes and even mass production. This is why we use the CNC milling technique to manufacture our various wall mounts. In the following, you will discover more closely how CNC milling is used and how it works.

What is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is a highly precise process that is often used in machining. CNC is an abbreviation for Computerized Numeric Control. CNC machining centers use microcomputers integrated into the control elements of the machine tool. Modern versions of this milling process can be found in various industries such as aviation, engineering, or car manufacturing.

Companies use this technique to produce various workpieces in large quantities in a short amount of time. Even huge companies such as Apple use CNC technology – the housings for their products are produced by the Chinese company Foxconn using CNC milling.

Fast production with RADMOT CNC milling machines

Our wall mounts are made of CNC milled aluminum. For the precise processing technique, we trust in the long-term experience of RADMOT. This company uses prestigious machine tools as well as the latest measuring instruments and CAM systems for machining to produce highly diverse and complex components for their customers. For an ideal result, the CNC milling machine needs to have the right milling heads. RADMOT uses the latest milling heads with tool inserts made of diamonds to create stunningly homogenous and even surfaces for their products. With diamond tools you can mill with extremely high milling parameters which also increases the profitability of the process.

The focus is set to milled products made of aluminum, the company also provides CNC millings for:

  • High-grade steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Synthetic material (specialized synthetic material by Igus is being used to mill rotational components for example)

RADMOT also offers CNC turning parts as well as other services such as anodizing, washing and assembly.

What are the advantages of the CNC-technique?

CNC millings represent unmatched precision and efficiency in the production process. These machines provide several advantages for manufacturers such as:

Production of complex components: As already mentioned, CNC milling machines can work in various axes at the same time, mostly up to 5-axis CNC machining. This enables you to use the milling tool in almost any angle. This is essential to produce complicated geometries as well as detailed contours in high quality. CNC processing provides the perfect fit of our wall mounts to iPads as well as tablets and guarantees a safe support for the devices.

Overall, CNC milling machines or CNC tools are an important part when it comes to reducing expenses, time exposure and production costs.

How does CNC milling work?

If a company has CNC parts milled, at first you create a geometrical depiction of the part that is supposed to be produced. Afterwards, this depiction is sent to the milling machine. The machine then works out the single steps of production, one after the other. Since single steps in the production are no longer necessary, working with a CNC milling machine is especially timesaving.

Various materials are used – from steel to copper and brass. Our CNC fabricated Samsung tablet wall mounts and iPad wall mounts, for example, are made of aluminum which makes them extremely durable and resilient. Beyond that, it is also possible to embellish the material through anodizing and powder coating. With that, it presents especially elegant and impresses with a pleasant haptic feel.


CNC milled wall mounts for iPads and tablets

Thanks to our wall mounts made with CNC milling, you can mount your tablets and iPads safely to the wall no matter its complexion. The CNC milled aluminum frames impress with their high-quality design and their durability. The material is corrosion-resistant and extremely resilient. Due to the highly modern CNC milling technique, defects in quality are practically ruled out.

What are the uses of the wall mounts?

Our wall mounts made with CNC milling can be used as a wall frame for your tablet and iPad as well as a theft protection. There are various uses for all kinds of places – for example at offices, schools, and universities but also in hotels or museums.

With the tablet at the ideal height, you can operate the different functions of your building digitalization. No matter if you want to control smart lighting systems, automated shutters or if you want to operate the projector during a presentation – the tablet works as a control panel. The wall mount not only holds your tablet safely in place, some of our production lines such as the Dame Wall and Companion Wall also have a tight, non-removable frame which prevents theft reliably. In public spaces such as public buildings or openly accessible premises in hotels, this is especially useful. If you want to be able to remove your tablet at any time, simply use the wall mounts from our Home line.

Our wall mounts can easily be attached, the complexion of your wall should be even and solid for a perfect result. After that, you can screw it together with the flip side until it is fixed tight to the wall and will not come off again. For more flexibility, you can also order a specialized rotation unit for our tablet wall mounts. With this unit, you can turn the frame you can switch between portrait and horizontal format at any time.

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