Building digitalization – Smart solutions for all sector

Digitale Sanierung – Smarte Lösungen für alle Bereiche

The aim of digitalization in the building industry is to modernize homes and facilities through smart technologies. Specific refurbishment measures do not only facilitate all movements and operations in everyday life, but also enhance energy efficiency in private or commercial buildings. Arranging a building digitalization will thus help you reduce costs as well as waste less energy.

How does building digitalization work?

There is a broad range of different building digitalization measures, and it is you who decides which area to focus on. A regular building refurbishment generally includes repair and renovation work as well as the modernization of a certain section of the building. The latter includes, for example, the preparation of the premises to integrate a smart home into a holiday apartment complex. Another example would be building automation in offices, hotels or museums. By using smart technologies in your facilities, you can reduce your energy consumption and provide guests and customers with a state-of-the-art customer experience.

Typical renovation measuresthat are used both in private and commercial building digitalization processes are:

  • Automatic lighting
    A smart lighting system is one of the simplest and most popular part of smart technology. It enables you to control and adjust your lighting through a central control unit. All you need for that is a tablet, a smartphone or another device. With these, you can change the color of your lighting or even set specific timeframes during which the light should be switched on or off.
    The same setting is also possible for your roller shutters - you decide when they open and when they close.
  • Thermostat setting
    Smart temperature regulators are equally popular in building digitalization and make an important contribution when it comes to enhancing the energy efficiency of a building. Once you have installed a thermostat to your heating system, you can set it to turn the heater on or off when a certain temperature is reached. Moreover, you can set different results for different conditions or situations. An example could be to automatically turn off the heater in a hotel room while the window is open.
  • Enhanced security systems
    Everything is possible in digital transformation, from anti-burglary protection to smart security cameras. Connect your security systems to your WI-FI network through an alarm center and get notified on your tablet or smartphone in case of an alarm. You can easily switch the system on or off from there.
  • Automated garden maintenance
    If you have a garden, smart technologies can help with maintenance and care. For example, they can automatically start robotic lawn mowers and control lawn sprinklers in a modernized holiday complex. They also make it possible to adapt the watering system to the weather conditions. For example, you can set lawn sprinklers to switch off automatically on rainy days.

Building digitalization with tablets in a wall mount

Tablets play an important role in the construction industry and building digitalization. Installed in a suitable tablet wall mount, they can be used as a central building management tool. They specifically serve as a control center for various systems. With a tablet, hotel guests can for example regulate the room temperature or order room service. Tablets also come in handy in offices as they can be used to control the TV or even the projector during a presentation.

The Displine wall mounts for tablets by Samsung or Apple are the perfect attachment for your smart system. Depending on what you need, you can choose between two different wall mount types: One allows you to remove the tablet from the frame and the other firmly encloses it in an aluminum frame. Wall mounts with a fixed tablet are highly secure. This means that you do not need to worry about your tablet, even in public spaces. For more flexibility, you can order a Rrotation unit that is compatible with your wall mount. This allows you to choose between a portrait or landscape format.

Tablet in a wall mount: Have it ready to use at all times

It is recommended to install the tablet wall mount next to a power socket so that the tablet can be charged when needed. This way, hotel guests or employees for example can use it at all times. A more elegant alternative would be a concealed installation. In our blog, you can read all about the different ways in which you can charge tablets permanently.

How much does a building digitalization with tablets cost for an apartment, a house or an office?

The cost of a building digitalization depends on various factors. These include the condition of the building as well as the desired modernization measures.

If you are planning on installing tablets as a central control unit in many different rooms, we recommend the more affordable Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, A8 or A9. You can also find compatible Samsung tablet wall mounts in our shop. These provide a cost-effective solution for the process of building digitalization. If required, you can order these in large quantities.

Future-oriented building digitalization

Building digitalization stands for innovation and is a crucial step towards an energy-efficient and user-oriented future. The right technologies and digital strategies do not only help with reduced energy consumption during a modernization project, but also provide a new perspective on comfort and functionality. The innovative Displine tablet wall mounts blend in perfectly with modern interior designs and serve as a control center for smart technologies.

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