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Unser iPad-Vergleich für Ihr Smart Home

iPads in comparison – which one is best suited for your smart home?

An iPad is the perfect control center for your smart home. It can be used to manage various aspects of your home - from lighting and heating control to sun protection and security. But choosing the...

Smart Home im Wohnmobil – auch unterwegs den Komfort eines digitalen Zuhauses genießen

Smart Campers – enjoying the comfort of a digital home on the road

Smart systems only work in a smart stationary home? Thanks to the latest evolution of state-of-the-art technology, this is a thing of the past, and you don’t need to renounce the luxury of smart sy...

Smart Office: Digitalisierung im Büroumfeld

Smart office: Digitalization in the workplace environment

Digitalization surrounds us in every aspect of our daily lives. Of course, this development also does not stop in the working environment. Smart technologies are being used in various ways at home ...

Diebstahlsicherungen für iPad & Tablet: Umfassender Schutz für Büro, Schule & mehr

Theft protection for iPad & tablet: Comprehensive protection for office, school & more

iPads and tablets are handy helpers in everyday life but also quite expensive. Because they are easy to carry around, tablets used in public spaces are often subject to theft. The electronic device...

CNC-Fräsen von Aluminium: Wie unsere präzise gefertigte Produkte entstehen.

CNC Milling: Precision in Manufacturing

CNC milling allows you to produce components from aluminum and many other materials. It provides maximum precision for all kinds of shapes and even mass production. This is why we use the CNC milli...

Smart-Home-Zentrale Tablet

Install your tablet or iPad as a smart home control panel: use the advantages of a central and mobile control

If you own an Apple iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab you already have everything you need to implement your tablet or iPad as a smart home control panel. An intelligent automation system makes it easie...