The Right Way to Find the Perfect iPad Wall Mount

So finden Sie die perfekte Tablet Wandhalterung

Looking for the perfect mount for your tablet? Read this guide to learn how to find the right wall mount for your home or business.

Think of a mount type

If you are looking for a secure and practical way to mount your iPad on the wall, there is no better option than a tablet wall mount. After all, no matter whether KNX, Control4, or other systems - a tablet can serve as the control center of a smart building. In addition – it is usually more affordable than the dedicated touchscreen and more universal in its application. Each type of tablet mount offers unique benefits, so it's important to consider which type is best for your particular use. Learn more about finding the right iPad wall mount for you here!


Features of perfect tablet wall mounts

Unquestionably tablet wall mounts for smart buildings differ in quality, compatibility with mobile devices, and in other features. Therefore the following points should be considered while searching for a perfect tablet wall mount:

  • compatibility with chosen device (e.g. iPad, iPad mini,iPad Air or Samsung tablets) and sometimes with particular models within one brand (e.g. iPads differ in the screen size or in thickness between generations)
  • ease of use - the handyness of inserting and ease of removal of the tablet from the mount are important not to damage the device
  • cable management – securing hidden cables or integrated charging function is key to the comfort of use and esthetics
  • possibility to mount a tablet in a horizontal or vertical position (as you wish!),
  • ease of assembly – number of elements and “intuitive friendliness“ of putting the mount together.
  • mounting on the wall - it is important to be able to mount the casing on the wall with the use of common sense, overcomplicated process increases the risk of damaging the set or the wall
  • power supply - compatibility with chosen power source e.g. electric socket or PoE, ideally a flush-mounted power supply unit should be installed in the wall as a constant power supply so that the tablet has a stable source of power
  • availability - tablet wall mount is usually the last element of the whole system, it should be available off-the-shelf, especially considering quickly changing tablet models
  • the overall look, and esthetics of the mount - does it harmonize with the surrounding?

 Smart Home

Tablet wall mount for your (smart) home

Tablet wall mounts for home are usually open and thus more flexible. The open side of the docking station eases the daily use of the iPad or Samsung tablet. It allows you to remove the device from the mount whenever you want, for example, to take it to the kitchen to review some recipes or to the couch to check on the news. Advantage of such a solution is that your tablet remains always charged and has its own dedicated place.

In terms of planning, one needs to consider the number of rooms in your home and where you want to place a central control interface of your home automation system.
Usually, the main one will be a living room or a hall. This is a perfect place, due to its proximity to doors and the area where you spend the most time at your home (living room). The tablet is always at your hand-reach when you need to change the temperature, close the blinds or turn on a certain light scene.

Depending on the size of the house, multiple smart home hubs are worth considering. It is especially worthy to have a closed tablet wall mount in the hallway that serves as a door intercom. For a small flat one mount will do the trick but for bigger apartments or houses (e.g. with more than one level) – two or even three tablet mounts can be a better solution.


Tablet wall mount for your Business

Requirements for business applications differ from those at home. First of all, commercial grade tablet wall mounts need to secure the tablet better. Mounts that fully enclose the device usually additionally offer anti-theft protection in form of a special lock on the side. Such closed tablet wall enclosures are mounted permanently at the reception, in the conference room (or in front of them) or just in the office. They enable operating room control, managing meeting rooms and display important information for customers and employees.

Secondly, due to exposure to a potentially vibrant environment tablet wall mounts for business need to be sturdy. The surface should be powder coated or anodized, to be fingerprint- and scratch-resistant. Moreover, to secure the uninterrupted functioning of the tablet a constant power supply needs to be in place.
For a business setting, a tablet wall mount with a more professional and sleek design may be preferred to ensure that your office space appears visually appealing, modern and professional to your audience.


The decision on which tablet wall mount to choose for home setting and which for business depends on specific needs of the user and his taste. It is worth considering a product of a European manufacturer, who offers excellent price-quality-ratio, versatility and good design, such as Displine. Displine is the home of tablet wall mounts for iPads and Samsung Tabs

The Dame Wall and Companion Wall mounts are perfect candidates for accommodating tablets in business environments, whereas, Dame Wall Home and Companion Wall Home are the favorites for home settings.

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