Keep your tablet permanently connected to the power supply: How to use your tablet continuously in a wall mount

Tablet dauerhaft am Strom lassen: So nutzen Sie Ihr Tablet durchgängig in einer Wandhalterung

Whether for smart home control or as a control center in the office: our clever tablet wall mounts offer many advantages in modern living and working environments. To ensure that your wall tablet is always ready for use , it should have a reliable power supply . We recommend two options for the tablet on the wall: charging via a flush-mounted power supply or via a Power over Ethernet connection.

Flush-mounted power supply units: Simple and elegant installation

Technology and efficiency go hand in hand. Therefore, wall mounts with integrated charging function are a must for fans of smart home control via tablet. In offices, they are used to control building technology and require a permanent power supply directly integrated into the wall. An elegant solution for this are flush-mounted boxes. Instead of pulling the charging plug to the socket, you connect your tablet to a hidden wall outlet. They are easy to install, and our wall mounts cover any cables seamlessly. With the tablet wall mounts and the appropriate power supply, you avoid protruding cables and enjoy a good looking overall appearance.

In our online shop you will find the following power supplies for your tablet:

  • 12W 2.4A flush-mounted power supply with USB-A from 2USB: This compact and powerful power supply is the perfect solution for discreetly charging your tablet in the wall mount. With a port for USB-A and an output of 12 watts and 2.4 amps, it offers efficient charging for your tablet. Its dezent design makes it ideal for seamless integration as a charging option in the wall behind your tablet wall mount.
  • Displine 20W flush-mounted power supply with USB-C: Our 20W USB-C charger enables fast and reliable charging. This high-performance device is ideal for newer tablet models with a USB-C port. It shortens the time until the battery is fully charged and is extremely energy efficient. Both power supplies fit into flush-mounted boxes with a minimum depth of 40mm.

Power over Ethernet (PoE): Power and data via the Ethernet cable

PoE allows you to charge your device and transfer data using the same cable. This makes mounting and wiring your tablet to the wall much easier. PoE ports are stable, secure, and insensitive to overloads. With a PoE adapter you can also ensure that your tablet always has a stable connection to the Internet . Connection problems can occur when accessing the Internet via WLAN. PoE networks can be easily expanded and perfectly adapted to your smart home applications or the needs of your company. Instructions for correct installation can be found in our Displine Poe Manual.

Our Displine PoE Converter 22W is an innovative solution for areas where a PoE switch is already in use. With its two USB-C ports, it offers the option of using it as a pure charging station or as a PoE power supply with combined data transfer and charging. With the 22W, even powerful tablets can be charged in a short time.

Charge your tablet permanently: Which connection is the right one?

Whether your tablet is compatible with a power supply depends on the charging cable used:

  • Dame Wall and Companion Wall : No cable is included here and the original cable from the manufacturer should be used. For example, the charging cable on a 7th generation iPad is a Lightning to USB-A cable. This makes our 12W USB-A power supply compatible. For iPads with a Lightning to USB-C cable, we recommend our power supply with 20W USB-C or the 22W PoE converter.
  • Dame Wall 2.0 and Companion Wall 2.0 : These wall mounts are designed for the new generations of iPads and Samsung tablets. A custom-made USB-C to USB-C cable is included with both holders. The 20W USB-C power supply and the 22W PoE converter are compatible.
  • Dame Wall Home and Companion Wall Home : The cable is firmly integrated into these wall mounts. We offer most Home wall mounts as USB-C and USB-A versions on the power supply side. Whatever option you choose, you will always have the right connector on the tablet side. If an older iPad with a Lightning connector is used, there is only the Lightning (tablet) to USB-A (power supply) variant. Depending on your purchase decision, you have to choose between the three power supplies. It is generally recommended to choose the version with a USB-C cable and to order the appropriate 20W USB-C power supply or the 22W PoE converter.

How to leave your tablet permanently connected to the power supply with our home wall mounts

In order to be able to use the two power supplies (12W USB-A and 20W USB-C) with a home wall mount, the outer metal frame must be removed. The power supply itself is then plugged into the flush-mounted box, in which the excess cable can also be stored. You can quickly recharge the tablet's battery level in the dock or use the device for home control.

Whiz : This wall mount is designed for iPads of different generations. For older models with a Lightning port, we offer Lightning to USB-A. The 12W power supply must be purchased there. Whiz for newer iPads with a USB-C connection, we offer a USB-C to USB-C connection. Our 20W power supply or the 22W PoE converter can be used there.

Do tablets overheat when continuously charged?

Our wall mounts and power supplies are designed to prevent your tablet from overheating during continuous use. They have a cut-out back plate so that there is always enough air circulating. Because of that, you can leave your tablet permanently connected to the power without any concerns. This means your device remains at the optimal operating temperature even during intensive use. In addition, modern tablets are equipped with a charging stop and only draw power when they need it. If the tablet is sufficiently charged, the charging status switches off. With Displine's products, you can leave your tablet permanently connected to the power supply without worrying.

Charge your tablet permanently with accessories from Displine

No matter whether you just want to charge your tablet or also want to transfer data via Power over Ethernet. We offer you suitable, elegant solutions for powering your tablet models. In addition to the high-quality power supplies, we offer a range of robust and stylish iPad wall mounts for different generations. These holders are ideal for using your tablets in kitchens, offices or public areas. They offer a secure hold and enable flexible positioning. This allows you to get the most out of your tablet while it is charging.

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