Companion Wall 2.0 for iPad Pro

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The classic in slim

  • Fine workmanship, powder coated
  • Mounting in portrait or landscape format
  • Optional rotation unit
  • Anti-theft device included
  • Narrow shape, protruding slightly from the iPad
  • Permanent charging - hidden charging cable
iPad model
Color white powder coated
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scope of delivery

Screws and dowels
Wall mount including charging cable
Felt covers for the screws

Companion Wall 2.0. for iPad Pro 11" is a refined and charmingly slim iPad wall mount. It is made of precisely machined aluminum with black or white powder coated surface. Compared to its predecessor, it comes with a thinner frame around the screen and yet it remains robust and secure. Companion Wall 2.0. keeps its characteristic 7mm angle radius and appears with such nicety as a complementary charging cable. Due to its clean design, the wall mount for iPad Pro 11" adapts effortlessly to any space with charm and ease, and offers many potential uses in home and commercial environments.

Product attributes

Permanent charging meets attractive optics

Expand Companion Wall 2.0 into a tablet wall mount with charging function. Thanks to the optional flush-mounted socket , the tablet is always charged and ready for use; the charging cable is discreetly hidden.


Landscape or portrait? Or both?

The Companion Wall 2.0 wall mount can be installed in different positions depending on your needs: horizontal or vertical. The iPad wall mount can also be supplemented with the optional Rotation Unit , which allows the iPad to be rotated on the wall by 90°. This means you can rotate the iPad wall mount as you need it.

Rotation Unit

anti-theft device

The Companion Wall 2.0 wall mount protects your iPad from damage and theft. Thanks to the magnetic closure, the holder can be easily attached to the wall. As additional protection, the tablet holder has a screw lock that locks the tablet against theft.

easy installation

The user-friendly Companion Wall 2.0 iPad wall mount is characterized, among other things, by its easy installation on the wall. Thanks to the included installation material, consisting of 4 screws and dowels, installing the tablet wall mount is done in no time. Thanks to the optional flush-mounted charging function, the cable and power supply disappear into the wall.