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Reliable and pretty

This is Companion Wall

Solution for every interior

This is Dame Wall


Comfortable and stylish

This is Dame Wall Home


Reliability in an elegant form

This is Companion

Elegant and reliable

This is Dame Stand


Tablet stands tablet wall mounts

At Displine, we create exceptional aluminium display products for iPad and Samsung tablet such as tablet stands and tablet wall mounts. In our craftsmanship, we combine excellence in CNC machining, modern design and friendly functionality. 
Displine products are elegant, smart and sturdy – they help our customers get the most of their mobile computer devices.  

Dame Wall

Noble tablet wall mount
for an elegant interior

Companion Wall

Reliable and pretty
tablet wall mount

Dame Wall Home

Stylish and comfortable
tablet wall mount
perfect for home


Elegant and comfortable
tablet stand,
ideal for retail


A small and subtle
tablet stand that fits
in every surrounding

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