Displine PoE manual

On this page we have created instructions for the correct installation of our Displine PoE Converter 22W. Please read the instructions carefully so that possible problems can be avoided directly.

  1. Two USB-C ports are available. The attached sticker provides information about which port stands for which functions. Both ports offer the so-called fast charging function, but only one of the two supports the simultaneous transmission of data - as long as the end device supports it.
  2. Please always connect the LAN cable to our Displine PoE Converter 22W first. Only then should a connection to the tablet be established.
  3. If an iPad is used, the "Accessories" setting under "Face ID & Code" should be activated, as you can see in the screenshot below.

bug fixes

  1. If there is a connection error, please turn the Displine PoE Converter 22W 90° in the flush-mounted box and try again.
  2. If the charging process does not start or no data transfer takes place, rotating the cable can help despite the rotationally symmetrical assignment of the USB-C connector.
  3. If the tablet has an empty battery and supports the fast charge function, the Displine PoE Converter 22W may produce some heat. However, this is harmless, has no tangible effects on the service life and is therefore not a defect.