Comparison: Companion Wall vs. Dame Wall

Companion Wall and Dame Wall

Elegant, modern and unobtrusive tablet wall mounts save space while being an attractive addition to your business and home. As a solution for their smart home control or as a practical wall mount with charging function. The following comparison will help you better choose between Dame Wall and Companion Wall tablet wall mounts.

Companion WallDame Wall

Furnishing style: industrial, loft, vintage, Scandi, boho, Mediterranean, colonial, country house

Interior design style: Minimalism, Urban Modern, Art Deco style, Natural Look, Coorie

angular shape

rounded shape

Protrudes beyond the surface of the tablet

Forms a surface with the tablet

powder coated

powder coated or anodized

12 mm depth + 1.5 mm spacing

9.5 mm depth + 2mm spacing

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