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So finden Sie die perfekte Tablet Wandhalterung

The Right Way to Find the Perfect iPad Wall Mount

Looking for the perfect mount for your tablet? Read this guide to learn how to find the right wall mount for your home or business. Think of a mount type If you are looking for a secure and practic...

Companion Wall and Dame Wall

Comparison: Companion Wall vs. Dame Wall

Elegant, modern and unobtrusive tablet wall mounts save space while being an attractive addition to your business and home. As a solution for their smart home control or as a practical wall mount w...

Die Smart Home Debatte

The smart home debate

Kitchen Debate as a smart home promoter It is in the shadows of the cold war technology race that the first steps of home automation on an international scene took place. Within the sco...

Smart Home Reflexionen

Smart Home Reflections

Not a stranger any more Smart Home is a solution for monitoring, controlling and automating functions at home with a smartphone app or a web portal. A distinction is made between point solutions, s...