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USB-A power adapter 12W 2.4AUSB-A power adapter 12W 2.4A
USB-A power adapter 12W 2.4A Sale price64,00 €
Rotation unit for our tablet wall mountsRotation unit for our tablet wall mounts
Displine 20W flush mount power supply with USB-CDispline 20W flush mount power supply with USB-C
Displine USB-C to USB-C cableDispline USB-C to USB-C cable
Displine USB-C to USB-C cable Sale price12,00 €
Displine USB-C to USB-A cableDispline USB-C to USB-A cable
Displine USB-C to USB-A cable Sale price12,00 €
Lightning to USB-A cable
Lightning to USB-A cable Sale price24,00 €
Displine PoE Converter 22WDispline PoE Converter 22W
Displine PoE Converter 22W Sale price155,00 €
Alcantara Panel for Sunset/MoonlightAlcantara Panel for Sunset/Moonlight