The making

Displine Kunden

Our customers

Everything we do is focused on satisfying our customers. We listen, consult, analyze and optimize our approaches to deliver a unique product that is precisely tailored to your needs. We strive to know our customers well in order to understand their problems and offer them the best solution. This is how the products are created at Displine.

Das Projekt vin Displine

The project

In the development of our products, we leave the customer a wide scope of customization in terms of functionality, execution details and color of the surface. Our developers design and document the products with Solid Works software and evaluate their virtual appearance with Blender software. Already at this stage, the developers cooperate with CNC engineers to ensure high production performance, the highest surface quality and the best manufacturing technology.

Die Herstellung von Displine

The production

We base on a 30-year experience of our parent company RADMOT in precise CNC machining. Serving customers from very demanding sectors such as the aircraft, automotive and medical industries has enabled RADMOT to gain a competitive advantage in the field of aluminum machining. This perfection is reflected in our products.

Displine Geschäftspartner

Our business partners

For us, every detail is important. That is why we choose both materials and business partners with the utmost care. We use high quality German aluminum and premium anodized surfaces from environmentally friendly anodizing plants in Germany and Poland. The packaging we utilize for Displine products is made from an ecological paper by a Polish start-up company. All of our supply chain partners pay an utmost attention to an environmental sustainability.