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About us

Displine was founded 2017 in Germany. We are a family and friend based Company. We crossed ways in business and private life. Discovering that we have similar sensibilities and aesthetic preferences and share the same values convinced us that we wanted to work closely together. That's why we founded Displine. A company that stands for premium tablet stands and for aluminum tablet wall mounts that stand out for their quality, functionality and aesthetics. This is how we create products we are proud of.

Our products combine high quality CNC machined aluminum, modern design and best functionality. To meet the needs of our customers, we continuously improve the functionality of our products. We are also always working on their concept and shape. The grasp of digitalization drives us to constantly develop new solutions for tablets.

While Displine's headquarters are located in Wiesbaden (Germany), production takes place in Jedlińsk (Poland). This combination enables premium quality, excellent design and efficient manufacturing. Moreover, it allows us to reach a global target group from the heart of Europe (Germany).


Our products are a combination of high quality CNC machining of aluminum, modern design and user-friendly functionality. We are constantly improving their ergonomics, concept and design to meet the needs of our customers. The ongoing wave of digitalization drives us to always look for new solutions for tablets.

Our mission is to help our customers realize the full potential of their mobile devices in their business environment.

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