Dame Wall 2.0 for iPad mini

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The elegant classic even more elegant

  • Milled from an aluminum block, anodized
  • Slim frame and fine finish
  • Rounded shape, flush with iPad surface
  • Mounting in portrait or landscape format (rotation unit optional)
  • Lockable and theft-proof
  • Permanent charging - charging cable included
iPad model
Color white powder coated
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Dame Wall 2.0 is an elegant and charmingly slim iPad wall mount. Compared to its predecessor, Dame Wall 2.0 is visually an even lighter, yet robust tablet mount. It is precision milled from a block of aluminum and finished with an anodized surface. The iPad wall mount is flush with the iPad and comes with a USB charging cable. Thanks to the fine and delicate design, this iPad wall mount exudes modernity and style. The Dame Wall 2.0 offers many beautiful uses in both residential and commercial environments.