Theft protection for iPad & tablet: Comprehensive protection for office, school & more

Diebstahlsicherungen für iPad & Tablet: Umfassender Schutz für Büro, Schule & mehr

iPads and tablets are handy helpers in everyday life but also quite expensive. Because they are easy to carry around, tablets used in public spaces are often subject to theft. The electronic devices are simply put in a bag, taken away and disappear, never to be seen again. You can prevent this, however, by using convenient wall mounts for iPads and tablets that include a secure theft protection.

What do you need a wall mount with theft protection for?

Displine’s wall mounts are a convenient way to mount your tablets or iPads to walls in the right height. With that, the devices are always at hand and there is no need to go looking for them when you want to use it. They serve as a handy control center from which you can operate various smart devices such as:

  • Light switches
  • Heating systems
  • Air conditioners
  • Lawn sprinklers
  • Shutters
  • Projectors

This is useful in schools or office buildings, to name a few examples.
Via tablet, you can operate the projector during a presentation or a speech, dim the lights and close the shutters, all at the same time.


Tablets and iPads in wall mounts can also be used to advantage in hotels. With these, guests can order room service, operate the TV, learn about entertainment programs and much more.
Do you consider a building digitalization for your catering business? With permanently installed iPads and tablets, guests can view menus, order food and beverages, call the waiter or pay cashless via debit card or online banking.

Wall mounts in combination with tablets therefore offer a wide range of options to modernize buildings and put smart technologies into practice.
Samsung tab wall mounts as well as iPad wall mounts are available at Displine.

In which cases is a theft protection for tablets and iPads especially useful?

Wall mounts for iPads and tablets with an integrated theft protection are especially useful as a security measure in publicly accessible premises. The more people use a device, the higher the risk of it getting stolen. Caution is required with hotel tablets, especially because a missing tablet may not be noticed right away – and it can be difficult to identify the culprit. A stationary and secure wall mount for a tablet can also be very useful in school buildings or universities, as it is impossible to always monitor the pupils and students.
Of course, tablet and iPad wall mounts with theft protection are also recommendable for restaurants. During high operation particularly, it might be difficult for service staff to keep a general overview. Possible thefts are therefore noticed too late.

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How do wall mounts for tablets and iPads with theft protection work?

A complete wall mount – such as the models Dame Wall and Companion Wall – consists of two parts: a back plate and a solid frame. They are made from robust, pulver-coated aluminum which protects the casing of your tablet or iPad from impact, fall damage and any form of vandalism.

When putting the tablet inside the holder, place it in the frame, which is then fixed to the back plate with magnets. The magnets hold your tablets in place safely, but are also easy to remove, so you can open and close the frame whenever you want. For additional theft protection, you also need the included screws and dowels. With these, you screw the back plate and the frame together firmly so it cannot be taken off again. Thanks to this anti-theft lock, the frame can only be taken off by hand using force

Tip: If you want to charge your wall mount with its anti-theft system and also supply it with a fast internet connection, the Displine PoE Converter 22W is the ideal solution. With the USB-C connector, you can charge your tablet and ensure a data connection up to 95 Mbps.

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How can you implement and remove the anti-theft device?

The secured and theft-proof tablet wall mounts can be applied to the walls with a screwdriver and the included screws as well as dowels. Cables or power supply units are conveniently concealed after wall installation thanks to the flush-mounted function. You can use the wall mounts vertically or horizontally, as required. If you want to remove the theft protection from the wall mount again, simply loosen the screws and carefully take it off the wall.

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