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Dame Wall Home for iPad

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Elegant iPad docking station

  • Fine workmanship, anodized aluminum
  • Rounded shape, flush with the iPad
  • Rotatable thanks to the integrated rotation unit
  • Permanent charging - integrated charging cable
  • Easy removal of the iPad
iPad model
Color white powder coated
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Dame Wall Home for iPad 10.9" is a one-side-open, stylish tablet wall mount. It is precisely machined from high grade aluminum and finished with anode or powder coating. Dame Wall Home design combines elegance, high quality and flexibility. Thanks to the open form, the iPad can be easily removed and inserted back. In addition, the integrated rotation unit allows to switch views between portrait and landscape, and the built-in charging cable provides constant power source. The exceptionally slim design lends lightness to the form, in this way the Dame Wall Home fits seamlessly into any interior.