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Dame Wall Home for iPad Air

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Elegant iPad docking station

  • Fine workmanship, anodized aluminum
  • Rounded shape, flush with the iPad
  • Rotatable thanks to the integrated rotation unit
  • Permanent charging - integrated charging cable
  • Easy removal of the iPad
iPad model: Air 4 / Air 5
Color: white powder coated
Cable: USB-C to USB-A
Different tablet model?
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Screws and dowels
Felt covers for the screws
Wall mount including charging cable and rotation unit

Dame Wall Home for iPad Air is an open and at the same time stylish tablet wall mount. Precisely machined from high-grade aluminum then powder-coated or anodized, the Dame Wall Home iPad wall mount becomes a unique iPad accessory. The design combines elegance, high quality and flexibility. Thanks to an open form, the tablet can be easily removed and inserted again. The integrated rotation unit allows for a swift change of between portrait and landscape view, whereas the included charging cable provides a constant power supply. An exceptionally slim design offers lightness to the form and make Dame Wall Home to fit seamlessly into any interior.

Product attributes

Easy installation

The elegant Dame Wall Home tablet wall mount is characterized by a particularly simple wall mounting. Thanks to the included mounting hardware, the iPad mount can be installed in no time. Combined with the optional flush-mounted power supply, charging cables disappear invisibly into the wall.

Comfort - the battery is always charged

Thanks to the integrated Lightning charging cable, charging the tablet is even easier. Combined with the optional Flush power supply the cable disappears invisibly into the wall and the tablet is always charged in the wall mount. Thus, your device always remains ready for use.

Sophisticated design

The Dame Wall Home iPad wall mount convinces with its well thought-out design and noble finish. The built-in rotation unit ensures a quick change between portrait and landscape format, just as you need it. The integrated charging cable is discreetly hidden and ensures that the battery is always full. With its high-quality workmanship and clean lines, the Dame Wall Home wall mount is a real eye-catcher.

Open form - optimal use freedom

In order for the tablet to be easily inserted and removed at any time, the tablet wall mount is open on one side. Thanks to the felted inside, the tablet slides safely into the holder without scratching. With its asymmetrical design, the iPad holder conveys a light and appealing look.

The unique design of iPad wall mount makes a bold statement and offers maximum comfort.

Designed with striking lines and exceptional details, the Dame Wall Home together with the iPad offers endless joy of use.