Companion Wall Home for iPad

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The chic all-rounder

  • Fine workmanship, powder coated
  • Mounting in portrait or landscape format
  • Rounded shape, protruding slightly from the iPad
  • Remove iPad with one touch
  • Permanent charging - hidden charging cable
iPad model
Color white powder coated
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scope of delivery

Screws and dowels
Wall mount including charging cable
Felt covers for the screws

Matching the iPad 10.2" and iPad 10.9" tablet we have a chic Companion Wall Home docking station for you. The iPad wall mount is made of high grade precision machined aluminum and finished with a powder coating. Designed for everyday use of the iPad at home, the wall mount combines modern design with flexibility. The open side allows easy removal of the device at any time, and the asymmetrical look conveys an attractive look.

Deepening of the product attributes

Simple installation in portrait or landscape mode

Companion Wall Home wall mount can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the wall. The bracket is screwed to the wall with the enclosed material. Combined with a flush-mounted power supply, unsightly cable clutter is a thing of the past.

Permanent charging for an always full battery

An iPad wall mount with integrated charging function is practical and convenient. The Companion Wall Home convinces with an integrated USB-C charging connection, combined with the optional flush-mounted power supply you can charge your tablet without a visible cable. So your iPad is always charged and ready for use. The Companion Wall Home is lined with soft felt on the inside so that your iPad does not get scratched when it is removed and inserted into the holder.

Clear design language

The smart design of the Companion Wall Home was created with a love of detail and functionality. With a hidden charging cable and asymmetrical shape, this wall mount is a practical companion in a stylish home.

For all design lovers, this carefully crafted iPad wall mount makes a clear statement in any modern room.

Designed with striking lines and exceptional details, the Companion Wall Home offers endless joy of use together with the iPad.